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Human rights (in connection with health care)

Reaching Gypsies and Travellers
Author(s): Margaret Greenfields

An innovative partnership with members of the Romany Gypsy community living in South Bukinghamshire aims to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing. If it is successful it will be extended to other communities. 

Reducing Health Inequalities in Antenatal and Postnatal Care of Romani Women in the Republic of Macedonia Policy Action Brief
Author(s): Katerina Shojikj

The association National Roma Centrum within the project activities “Health Inequalities regarding Romani Women” in the period between November 2010 and November 2011 intensively worked on a research on the health care in the reproductive period of women in the Roma community. 

Research on Roma health and access to healthcare: state of the art and future challenges
Author(s): Maria Eva Földes, Alina Covaci

Health inequalities experienced by Roma people living in Europe presents a persisting challenge for health research and practice. Available literature on Roma and health agrees that: (1) Roma people suffer from poorer health and unhealthier living conditions compared to majority populations, (2) better data are needed to explain the Roma health gap and design better interventions to reduce this gap and (3) the poor health of Roma is closely linked to the social determinants of health. 

Author(s): Lorenzo Monasta, DSc; Anna Erenbourg, MD; Stefano Restaino, MD; Vittoria Lutje, PhD; Luca Ronfani, PhD

The aim of our review was to analyze published evidence on the health conditions of Roma and Sinti people living in Italy. 

Roma Health Rights in Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia: A Baseline for Legal Advocacy
Author(s): Open Society Foundations - Public Health Program
Sense of coherence and self-reported health among Roma people in Sweden – a pilot study
Author(s): Sven Hassler,Leena Eklund

The Roma people have been known in Europe for a 1000 years, during which they have usually been the subject of discrimination and oppression leading to isolation, powerlessness and poor health. The objective of this study is to investigate the sense of coherence (SOC) in relation to self-reported health among a group of Roma people in southwest Sweden.

Socioeconomic position, gender, and inequalities in self-rated health between Roma and non-Roma in Serbia.
Author(s): Janevic T, Jankovic J, Bradley E.

Roma experience high levels of discrimination and social exclusion. Our objective was to examine differences in self-rated health(SRH) between Roma and non-Roma in Serbia.

The education of Romany health and social assistants in the Czech Republic.
Author(s): Jarosová D, Dusová B, Vrublová Y

AIM: This paper presents the Czech national pilot project - the first educational course of Romany health and social assistants for community work with the Romany population in excluded communities.