Pre-medical course for Roma students in Hungary

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Let me draw your attention to a unique initiative at the Semmelweis University in Hungary.

Increasing in the number of Roma intellectuals would be a milestone in the field of roma integration. Roma health care workers could contribute to better collaboration of Roma people in the health care system and could reduce the inequalities in the accessibility to the health care system.

You can read further details about the initiative under the following LINK.

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'Roma inclusion an important priority for the Grants'

Improving the conditions of the Roma population is a key priority for the EEA and Norway Grants. This was emphasised by Ambassador IngridSchulerud, one of the key speakers invited by the EU and the Council of Europe to an international conference on Roma earlier this week in Brussels.

You can find more useful information regarding the event and the efforts of EEA Grants to promote Roma inclusion under the following link.

Roma Holocaust survivor and artist Ceija Stojka dies

Ceija Stojka, a Roma (Gypsy) Holocaust survivor, writer and self-taught artist, has died aged 79.

You can read about her story on the BBC website. Click HERE.

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Roma health newsletter , Issue 3 - January 2013 - WHO

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Under the following link you can find the 3rd issue of Roma health newsletter published by the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

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