Changing the Narrative on Roma in the Context of Healthcare - Seminar Announcement

The Open Society Foundation’s Health Media Initiative (HMI) is pleased to invite you to apply to participate in a special seminar on Changing the Narrative on Roma in the Context of Healthcare, to be held from October 26 to 31 at Schloss Arenberg in Salzburg, Austria. The seminar will be given in English.

The seminar will draw upon recent research undertaken on the attitudes of healthcare professionals towards Roma, as well as on the health rights of Roma in central Europe.

The seminar will also draw upon expertise in the emerging field of Narrative Medicine, which looks at the way in which narratives shape patients’ experience of ill health and of the health care system, and can either encourage or stand in the way of empathy and understanding between clinician and patient. Through participatory exercises, participants will look at ways in which language used and stories told by health care workers shape and influence the way that Roma people are treated within and experience the health care system. Participants will learn about what recent communication research tells us about how to go about changing attitudes. Seminar attendees will also discuss the concept of human rights in patient care, and the responsibility this places on both patients and healthcare providers. As a group, we will begin to plot a way forward towards transforming narratives about Roma in the context of healthcare.

The format of the seminar will include both plenary and interactive workshop sessions.

The official Announcement and the Application Form are available as attachements.


Download this file (Salzburg seminar_Announcement HMI_070814.pdf)Seminar Announcement54 kB