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Roma ethnicity and clinical outcomes in kidney transplant recipients.
Author(s): Molnar MZ, Langer RM, Remport A, Czira ME, Rajczy K, Kalantar-Zadeh K, Kovesdy CP, Novak M, Mucsi I

Racial and ethnic disparities among North American patients with chronic kidney disease have received significant attention. In contrast, little is known about health-related outcomes of patients with end-stage renal disease among the Roma minority, also known as gypsies, compared to Caucasian individuals. We prospectively assessed the association between Roma ethnicity and long-term clinical outcomes in kidney transplant recipients

Scanning Macedonia’s Local Context: Preparing the Health System for the Roma - Roma in the Formal Medical Higher Education
Author(s): B Kotevska, I Tomovska

Access to education and health care are ones of the most important factors influencing the degree of social inclusion.

Discontinuing social inequality of Roma with regards to access to health care will lead to improvement of Roma health status, which is the ultimate goal.

The Enculturation Experience of Roma Refugees: A Canadian Perspective
Author(s): Christine A. Walsh, Dave Este, Brigette Krieg

Since 1999, there has been increasing settlement in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, of large numbers of Roma families from Hungary, seeking refugee status. A number of agencies across health, social services, education, immigration, child welfare and justice sectors were concerned about the Roma population’s difficulties within these systems and the ability of these systems to provide effective services to the Roma population.

The health needs of the Slovak Roma community in Sheffield.
Author(s): Gill G.

Since Slovakia joined the European Union in 2004, Sheffield has seen a steady increase in the arrival of migrant workers and their families to the city. Most of these families are from a Roma background, marginalised within Eastern Europe and the subjects of recognised health inequalities in their country of origin.

Keywords: health needs , Sheffield , Slovak
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