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Prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in high risk social networks of young Roma (Gypsy) men in Bulgaria: randomised controlled trial
Author(s): Boyan Vassilev, Elena Kabakchieva ,Elena Petrova, Jeffrey A Kelly, Radostina Antonova, Roman A Khoursine, Sylvia Vassileva, Timothy L McAuliffe, Wayne J DiFranceisco, Yuri A Amirkhanian
Keywords: HIV , prevention , Risk assessment , roma , STD
HIV/AIDS knowledge amongst gypsies in Lahore and their preventive practices.
Author(s): Khan LK, Sethi SM, Kokab F, Qureshi A

OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the knowledge of HIV/AIDS among gypsies in Lahore and their preventive practices. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY: Four gypsy settlements around Multan Road, Lahore were surveyed from July to August 2009