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Scanning Macedonia’s Local Context: Preparing the Health System for the Roma - Roma in the Formal Medical Higher Education
Author(s): B Kotevska, I Tomovska

Access to education and health care are ones of the most important factors influencing the degree of social inclusion.

Discontinuing social inequality of Roma with regards to access to health care will lead to improvement of Roma health status, which is the ultimate goal.

Access to health services for Roma: legal, institutional and policy challenges in Macedonia
Author(s): Milevska-Kostova N


Access to health care is a right guaranteed to every citizen by Macedonian constitution, respective national healthcare legislation and ratified international documents. The constitutional and legal stipulations provide for geographic and physical access (through a network of healthcare institutions on primary, secondary and tertiary level) and financial access, guaranteed through the universal health insurance coverage of the basic benefits package, based on the principles of equity and solidarity.