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HIV Risk Behavior Patterns, Predictors, and Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevalence in the Social Networks of Young Roma (Gypsy) Men in Sofia, Bulgari
Author(s): Kabakchieva, Elena MD, Vassileva, Sylvia MS, Kelly, Jeffrey A. PhD†, Amirkhanian, Yuri A. PhD†‡, DiFranceisco, Wayne J. MS† ,McAuliffe, Timothy L. PhD†

This research studied predictors of high-risk sexual practices and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevalence among Roma (Gypsy) men's social networks in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in high risk social networks of young Roma (Gypsy) men in Bulgaria: randomised controlled trial
Author(s): Boyan Vassilev, Elena Kabakchieva ,Elena Petrova, Jeffrey A Kelly, Radostina Antonova, Roman A Khoursine, Sylvia Vassileva, Timothy L McAuliffe, Wayne J DiFranceisco, Yuri A Amirkhanian
Keywords: HIV , prevention , Risk assessment , roma , STD