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Psychosocial factors of coronary heart disease and quality of life among Roma coronary patients: a study matched by socioeconomic position.
Author(s): Skodova Z, van Dijk JP, Nagyova I, Rosenberger J, Ondusova D, Studencan M, Reijneveld SA

The aim of this study was to assess whether psychosocial factors and health-related quality of life (HRQL) differ between Roma and non-Roma coronary patients and to what degree socioeconomic status (SES) explains these differences.

To what extent does socioeconomic status explain differences in health between Roma and non-Roma adolescents in Slovakia?
Author(s): Kolarcik P, Orosova O, Reijneveld SA, van Dijk JP, A Madarasova-Geckova

The Roma make up one of the largest ethnic groups in Europe. The few studies that are available report health among the Roma as considerably worse than that of the majority population, and virtually nothing is known about the health status of Roma adolescents. The purpose of this study was to compare the self-reported health outcomes of Roma adolescents living in Roma settlements with adolescents from the majority population and to assess the impact of socioeconomic status on the results obtained.