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Incidence of infectious diseases and survival among the Roma population: a longitudinal cohort study
Author(s): Casals M, Pila P, Langohr K, Millet JP, Cayla` J A, Roma Population Working Group

Background: Roma ethnicity is greatly affected by tuberculosis (TB), AIDS, injecting drugs use (IDU) and imprisonment. Methods: We assessed the incidence of several health problems by means of a retro- spective cohort study performed in Camp de la Bota, Barcelona (Spain). The 380 individuals included in the 1985 TB outbreak investigation were followed-up until 31 December 2008. One hundred ninety-two subjects (50.5%) were men and 188 (49.5%) women. Information sources included question- naires taken at the time of this outbreak, a population census and other registries from Barcelona and Catalonia. Cox proportional hazards mixed models were employed in the multivariate survival analysis.