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Istvan Szilard
Istvan Szilard


Universityof Pécs Medical School
Chief Scientific Advizer
  • Accessibility to health care
  • Chronic diseases
  • Epidemiology
  • Health behaviour
  • Health economics
  • Health management
  • Health policy
  • Health promotion
  • Human rights
  • Inequalities
  • Infectious diseases
  • Mental health
  • Migration and health
  • Non-communicable diseases
  • Occupational health
  • Physical exercise
  • Prevention
  • School health
  • Screening and testing
  • Training / Education
  • Youth
A total of 119 scientific publications, essays and chapters published in Hungarian, English and German in the fields of: health education, health promotion, epidemiology, cardiovascular epidemiology, computerized health screening, sports medicine, lifestyle and health, basic theoretical questions of social & public health medicine, migration health/ medicine etc.

Selection of publications:

Szilard I, Cholin B, Gorbacheva O, O’Rourke T, Gushulak B. Medical Evacuations from former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The Lancet 2000;355:1020
Szilard et. al.: International Organization for Migration: Experience on the Need for Medical Evacuation of refugees During the Kosovo Crisis in 1999 CMJ 43(2):195-198,2002
Szilard I, Weekers J, Jakab G, Grondin D. : Trafficking in Human beings in the Modern World. Agricultural Medicine and Rural Health 2004, 23(1): 30 - 36
Szilard I. et al (editor and co-author): The Mental Health Aspect of Trafficking in Human Beings. Training Manual. Budapest, 2004 IOM.
Szilard I. et al (editor and co-author): The Mental Health Aspects of Trafficking in Human Beings. A Set of Minimum Standards of Care. Budapest 2005 IOM.
Szilard I. et al (editor and co-author): Building Healthy Roma Communities. Training Manual. Brussels 2006 IOM
Szilard I. et al (editor and co-author): Building Healthy Roma Communities. Training Manual in Hungarian, Polish, Romani, Romanian and Slovakian languages. Brussels 2007 IOM
Szilard I., Barath A.: Public Health Aspects of Trafficking in Human Beings: Health Promotion and Prevention Tasks and Possibilities In: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention; a handbook for teachers, researchers, health professionals and decision makers. p. 670 - 693 Hans Jacobs Publishing Company 2007 Germany and FYRM
Andreas Fette, Kurosh Paya, Istvan Szilard:
Psycho-medical aspects on migrants health of III world pediatric surgical patients
HEALTH, Vol.3, No.2, 106-109 (2011)


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