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Janko Jankovic
Janko Jankovic
Dr. MSc.
41 years


Institute of Social Medicine, Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade
Assistant Professor, Specialist of Social Medicine
  • Accessibility to health care
  • Cancer
  • Chronic diseases
  • Health indicators
  • Inequalities
  • Lifestyle (smoking, alcohol habits)
  • Living conditions
  • Social security and health
1. Janković J, Janević T, von dem Knesebeck O. Socioeconomic inequalities, health damaging behavior, and self-perceived health in Serbia: a cross-sectional study. Croat Med J 2012; 53(3):254-62.
2. Jankovic J, Simic S, Marinkovic J. Inequalities that hurt: demographic, socioeconomic and health status inequalities in the utilization of health services in Serbia. Eur J Public Health 2010; 20(4):389-96.
3. Jankovic J, Marinkovic J, Simic S. Utility of data from a national health survey: Do socioeconomic inequalities in morbidity exist in Serbia? Scand J Public Health 2011; 39(3):230-8.
4. Janevic T, Jankovic J, Bradley E. Socioeconomic position, gender, and inequalities in self-rated health between Roma and non-Roma in Serbia. Int J Public Health 2012; 57(1):49-55.
5. Janković J, Šipetić S. The Rising Incidence and Mortality of Prostate Cancer in Belgrade. Coll Antropo 2011; 35(2):499-503.


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