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Maternal IQ and child mortality in 222 Serbian Roma (Gypsy) women
Author(s): Jelena Čvorović, J. Philippe Rushton, Lazar Tenjevic

A significant negative correlation (r = −0.26) is found between maternal IQ measured by the Raven’s Matrices and child mortality in 222 Serbian Roma (Gypsy) women. Statistical adjustments for schooling, age, religion, number of marriages, age at first reproduction, and birth spacing did not remove the correlation

Measles outbreak in Bulgaria: poor maternal educational attainment as a risk factor for medical complications
Author(s): Lim T-A, Marinova L, Kojouharova M, Tsolova S, Semenza C J

An 8-year era of interrupted indigenous measles transmission in Bulgaria came to an end in April 2009 when a large epidemic occurred that would eventually claim 24 253 cases and 24 deaths; infants, children and young adults of the Roma community were disproportionally affected. Compared with Western Europe, case-fatality rate and proportion of medical complications were uncharacteristically high.